Mixed salad with tomatoes, apple, cucumber and avocado                                     $10

Imported Spanish green olives                                                                                     $8

Bowl of spicy cucumber                                                                                                 $6

Mexican tortillas homemade chips with Pebre salsa                                                   $7

Mexican tortilla homemade chips with guacamole                                                     $9

Marranitas - green plantain balls served with homemade tomato salsa                  $12

Imported artisan sardines in olive oil with grilled bread  (Espana)                            $12

Grilled Spanish chorizo in Spanish olive oil served with pan (baguette slices)       $20

Plate of Spanish chorizo and Queso (Machego cheese) served with pan               $15

                                                                                          Add: Spanish Jamon            $3


Mini pastel de choclo (3 servings)                                                                               $12

(a South American dish based on sweet corn called choclo. Filling contains beef, olives, boiled egg, onion and corn.)

Mini empanadas (3 servings)                                                                                        $12

(1 chorizo, 1 cheese, 1 beef and onion) 

Hola Lola artisan cheese platter                                                                                $40 

Three  cheeses, (French camembert, French blue cheese and imported Spanish Machego cheese aged 6 months) with a selection of Spanish hams, seasonal fruits, quince paste and gourmet biscuits. 

Gourmet Empanadas                                                               $10

- Spinach  and cheese

- Spicy chicken

- Chorizo and  cheese

- Spicy pulled beef

- Beef and onion

Gluten Free Colombian empanadas  and salad                     $8                     

- Beef

- Chicken

- Vegan


Arepas                                                                                      $18 

Made of corn flour (Maize) originating from Colombia and Venezuala

Served with beans, guacamole, tomato salsa and pickled cabbage    

- Cheese and chorizo

- Cheese

Pupusas                                                                                    $18

Thin corn tortilla from El Salvador, served with beans, guacamole, tomato salsa and pickled cabbage   

- Pork 

- Cheese 

Tamales                                                                                                                  $18

Dish made of corn dough, filled with chicken, vegetables, steamed and wrapped in banana leaf. Served with bread and side salad                       

- El Salvador tamales (chicken)

- Colombian tamales (chicken)

- Corn tamales 

Pastel de choclo                                                                      $18 

A South American dish based on sweet corn called choclo. Filling contains beef, chicken, olives, boiled egg, onion and corn. Served with mixed salad

The Hola Lola burrito                                                              $18 

A traditional Mexican dish with pulled beef, rice, black beans, cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla, served with a mixed salad and Pebre salsa.

Mexican nachos                                                                       $15

Bowl of hand-cooked corn chips topped with corn, black beans, gaucamole, melted cheese,  chimole salsa, sour cream and jalapenos to serve.

Arepa with Spanish chorizo                                                    $15

A corn flour pancake filled with cheese served with Spanish grilled chorizo and a slice of lemon. 

Spanish chorizo, with goat's cheese mixed salad                 $18

A garden bed of greens topped with apple, tomatoes, cucumber, caramelised Spanish onion, roasted red peppers, grilled Spanish chorizo topped with marinated goat's cheese, dressed over with lemon oil. 


El Salvador Quesadilla                                                                                              $4.5  

Alfajores Tradicional  (chocolate, almond, pistachio)                                             $3.5

Mexican Brownie                                                                                                       $7.5  Dulce de Leche cone                                                                                                 $3.5

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